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Spigot for Berkey® Light

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Plastic tap for Berkey Light® water filter

  To replace a standard tap
  Made of food grade plastic
  Only for Berkey Light® water purifier


Out of stock

Plastic tap for Berkey Light® water filter

Berkey Light® System Valve Replacement Kit

  • Includes a plastic faucet
  • Includes wing nut and two washers
  • Identical to the valve that comes standard with the Berkey Light® system

Only compatible with Berkey Light® system
No compatible with Travel Berkey®, Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey® and Crown Berkey® systems


Data sheet

Berkey Light®
    Are there phthalates in the Berkey Light® water filter?

    No, there are no phthalates in the chambers of the Berkey Light®. Berkey® plastics are copolyester and guaranteed BPA-free.

    In addition, the Black Berkey® purification element reduces certain phthalates, including butylbenzylphthalate and diethylphthalate.

    Find detailed test results for Black Berkey® purification elements.

    What are Berkey Light® systems made of and do they contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

    Since 2008, the Berkey Light® is no longer made of polycarbonate as it was before, but on the basis of a copolyester (elastomers based on thermoplastic polyester) which does not contain Bisphenol A, and which is also very solid, resistant to scratches, stains, shocks and odors.

    What is the recommended maintenance for the Berkey Light® water filter?

    The Berkey Light®, like all other Berkey® water purification systems, requires little maintenance.

    It is essentially a matter of cleaning from time to time: we suggest washing the lower chamber once a month with soapy water (washing-up liquid). In areas with hard water, lime deposits can build up on various parts of the system after prolonged use. To remove it, soak the affected part(s) in vinegar or a 50-50% vinegar/water mixture for about 15 minutes. Finish by cleaning with soapy dishwater, then rinse.

    After prolonged use, it is possible that the flow rate of your system may decrease. To correct this, simply scrub the outside of each  Black Berkey® purification element with a stiff brush or ScotchBrite® pad and reboot the elements.

    We also recommend keeping the Berkey Light® out of direct sunlight.

    What are the advantages of a Berkey Light® water filter over a stainless steel water purifier?

    The Berkey Light® water filter is very popular as it is portable, lightweight and transparent. The Berkey Light® also has the advantage of having a large storage capacity of over 10 liters of filtered water. Its base, which raises the system, allows the tap to be naturally higher than on other systems, making it easy to position a glass.

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