Quick Start Guide

Quick guide to using a Berkey® water filter explained by Berkey®Store

Good to know
✔ You fill the top tank and the bottom tank starts collecting the filtered water, it's the magic of gravity!
✔ A complete filtration takes about 45 minutes.
✔ Be careful not to put more water in the upper tank than there is room in the lower tank, otherwise....it will overflow!
✔ The water can be stored for up to 3 days.
✔ Partial refilling is possible with a full refill at least every 3 days to avoid drying out the Black Berkey® filters.

Understand everything in 3 minutes

What your Berkey® filters at 99.99%
✔ Viruses and bacteria
✔ Guardia & Cryptosporidiosis
✔ Radioactive contaminants
✔ Heavy metals & pesticides
✔ VOCs & pharmaceutical residues 
✔ Disinfectants
✔ Petroleum contaminants
✔ Microorganisms

Berkey® filters remove limescaleFALSE : Limescale, a source of calcium and magnesium, belongs to the family of mineral salts, which Berkey® filters do not filter. If you have very hard water, you will clean your filters more often, that's all :) More info...
Berkey® filters capture nitrites and nitratesTRUE and FALSE : nitrites are reduced to more than 95%, but only reverse osmosis purification methods will remove nitrates.
PF2s are suitable for all modelsTRUE : PF2 filters screw onto Black Berkey® threaded rods and do not require additional holes or hardware. Refer to your installation instructions.

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