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Berkey Sight Glass™ spigot Travel & Big

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Sight Glass™ Spigot for Berkey® Water Filter
Size: Travel & Big Berkey®

As a replacement for a standard faucet
Allows you to control the level of your water filter
Very easy to install
Only for Berkey® stainless steel water purifier
Reinforced glass tube under aluminum shell
  Not compatible with aluminium shell


Out of stock

Sight Glass™ Spigot for Berkey® Water Filter
for Travel and Big Berkey®

Provides an instant reading of the water level in the lower chamber of your Berkey® stainless steel water filter.

The mouthpiece's glass tube can be easily cleaned with soap and water if necessary.

  • Available in three sizes depending on the system you have:
    • 19 cm - For Travel Berkey® and Big Berkey® models
    • 25 cm - For Royal Berkey® and Imperial Berkey® models
    • 32 cm - For the Crown Berkey® model (includes glass reinforcement)
  • Includes two washers and a lock nut

Compatible Travel Berkey®, Big Berkey®
Not compatible with Go Berkey® or Berkey Light® models, Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey® and Crown Berkey®


Data sheet

Food grade plastic, aluminium and glass
Big Berkey®
Crown Berkey®
Imperial Berkey®
Royal Berkey®
Travel Berkey®

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