Berkey® Priming Kit

Berkey® Priming Kit

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  • Facilitates filter priming
  • Compatible Black Berkey®
  • PF-2™ compatible
  • Included for all systems
  • Red dye for testing filters
  • Anti-Airlock clip


IN STOCK - delivered 48/72h*

The blue silicone valve will help you prime your Black Berkey® filters and also PF-2™ filters with the supplied adapter.

For taps with a hand shower, the hand shower must be unscrewed beforehand. Check the compatibility of your tap.

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The Anti-Airlock clip, to be clipped onto the rim of the lower tank, helps maintain air circulation in the lower chamber for better tap flow.

The red dye test ensures that you have the correct method of fitting your filters. It is essential to carry out this test when you are filtering water from a well, borehole, etc., as it can reveal a leak due to a poor installation. At the end of the filters' life, this test also allows you to confirm whether or not your filters should be changed. To calculate an estimate of the life of Black Berkey® filters, consult our  FAQ. Do not perform the test with PF-2™ filters in place. Follow the recommendations for use.

Le kit includes :

Primer Rite™ Universal Priming Valve
PF-2™ Filter Adapter
Anti-Airlock Clip
2 red dyes (3 tests per bottle)
Manual available in FR, EN, ES, DE, IT

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