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Powerful: it removes viruses, bacteria, chemical pollution, heavy metals and all unwanted pollutants from water. Put it to the test, as several independent laboratories have done with remarkable results. It works completely autonomously, without electricity, and without connection to the water network.

Its unique performance allows it to be classified as a WATER PURIFIER, since it is capable of filtering tap water, but also water from various sources (borehole, well, rainwater...). At home, on the road or in an emergency situation, you can always count on your Berkey®.

Sustainable and economical: the pair of Black Berkey® filters, which is delivered with each system, can filter over 22 m3 of water! With a lifespan of 3 and 10 years (depending on the model used and the type and volume of water filtered), they will be with you for a long time. Result: less than one cent per litre of water filtered!

Customizable: delivered ready to use, you can nevertheless personalise it by equipping it with a stainless steel tap, a level tap, an extension base to simplify its use, additional filters to accelerate filtration, specific filters to treat fluorine, arsenic, etc.

Easy to use: you fill the upper tank, let gravity "push" the water through the filters, and in 45 minutes on average, all your water is filtered. All you have to do is enjoy it!

Good to know

✔ You fill the top tank and the bottom tank starts collecting the filtered water, it's the magic of gravity!

✔ A complete filtration takes about 45 minutes.

✔ Be careful not to put more water in the upper tank than there is room in the lower tank, will overflow!
A gravity system cannot have a seal between the two tanks, a draft is needed, otherwise it cannot work.
You do not have to constantly check the water level in the lower tank. Make a complete filling, and when nothing more flows from the tap, make a complete filling and so on. This way, there is no risk of overflowing!

✔ The water can be stored for up to 3 days.

✔ Partial refilling is possible with a full refill at least every 3 days to avoid drying out the Black Berkey® filters.

✔ If you are away for a long time, do not let your filters dry out. Refer to your manuals for storage procedures.

What your Berkey® filters at 99.99%

✔ Viruses and bacteria ✔ Guardia & Cryptosporidiosis ✔ Radioactive contaminants ✔ Heavy metals & pesticides ✔ VOCs & pharmaceutical residues  ✔ Disinfectants ✔ Petroleum contaminants ✔ Microorganisms


Berkey® filters remove limescaleFALSE : Limescale, a source of calcium and magnesium, belongs to the family of mineral salts, which Berkey® filters do not filter. If you have very hard water, you will clean your filters more often, that's all :) More info...
Berkey® filters capture nitrites and nitratesTRUE and FALSE : nitrites are reduced to more than 95%, but only reverse osmosis purification methods will remove nitrates.
PF2s are suitable for all modelsTRUE : PF2 filters screw onto Black Berkey® threaded rods and do not require additional holes or hardware. Refer to your installation instructions.

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