A filter carafe is often NOT EFFECTIVE,
it IS EXPENSIVE to use
and its use can prove to be HARMFUL

  • NOT EFFECTIVE because most cartridges only remove chlorine, «impurities that can alter the taste and smell», some lead, AND THAT'S IT! Buying a filter carafe is a high price to pay to remove only the taste of chlorine, when all you have to do is put your water in the fridge for an hour...
  • ONEROUS because in recommended use, the filtration capacity is on average 100 litres per cartridge. Drinking water, cooking vegetables or starchy foods, hot drinks, that's at least 8 litres per day for a family of 4. Calculate how much a carafe costs you per year, which in the end only serves to improve the taste of the water!
  • NEFASTE for several reasons:
    • The French Health Safety Agency warns users against possible microbiological contamination, because it is impossible to use a filter carafe at home in good storage conditions and because the filters are never changed in time. Bacteriological contamination is almost systematic and out of 31 households tested by the French consumer association (Que Choisir), all of them had their water quality degraded by the carafe filter.
    • Because of a systematic lowering of the pH when using a carafe filter
    • Because of problems with the release of pollutants into the filtered water.

It should also be remembered that carafes are not designed to make water that is not drinkable and should only be used with water supplied from the users' taps...

In-line cartridge systems have similar performance. As for osmosis systems, although they are much more efficient than carafes in terms of filtration, the cost of using them is very high because of the need to renew the cartridges regularly. In addition, they must have an electrical source and be connected to the water network (no more water in case of a power cut). Finally, because of the way they are used, they generate a loss of water (up to 80%) which is rejected and not consumable...

So why buy a Berkey® water filter?

Because it is much more efficient (see the extent of its performance and the analyses carried out), because it is much cheaper than carafes, osmosis systems, tap filters and other filter cartridges, because it is totally autonomous (even in an emergency situation) and because it is a real water purifier, capable of making almost any water supply drinkable.

Black Berkey® filters have a life of up to 22,700 litres before they need to be replaced. On average, that's less than one cent per litre of water filtered.

The Berkey® filter is a purifier, capable of filtering any water (rain, well, borehole, river, etc.) and eliminates viruses, bacteria, chemical pollution, pesticides, hormones, drug residues, microplastics, cysts, heavy metals, chlorine...

Black Berkey® filters have a filtration fineness of 22 to 24 nanometers, which is optimal for removing bacteria and viruses.
That's 1000 times more powerful than a carafe filter!

With a capacity of 5,6 litres to 22,7 litres, the Berkey® water filter provides pure, healthy water in any configuration, all day long.
Whether you're a single person, a couple or a large family, the Berkey® solution meets your needs.

Berkey® is cheaper per litre filtered, more efficient, autonomous and sustainable,
distributed worldwide, used by the army and by some NGOs in emergency situations...

Still not sure? Check out the performance of the Berkey® systems

Water Filters Lab, an independent American organization, compared the most popular gravity filtration systems on the market, and the results are clear. Berkey® filters are by far the most efficient.

These tests show that some equipment, such as filter carafes, are not only inefficient but can be dangerous and load the filtered water with aluminium.