Why you should not buy a carafe filter but a Berkey® system

Unlike a carafe filter, Berkey® systems are not just water filters, but true water purifiers. They can of course be used to filter tap water to remove residual pollutants such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants and chlorine, but more importantly, they can make otherwise undrinkable water drinkable. Their filtration capacity allows them to remove bacteria, viruses, drug residues and a long list of pollutants from water, details of which can be found on this page.

So, of course, the filter carafe has established itself over the years as an effective and inexpensive filtration system. At least that's what the manufacturers would have you believe...

BUT a filter carafe :

IT'S NOT EFFECTIVE: most cartridges only remove chlorine, impurities that can alter taste and smell, some lead, AND THAT'S IT! What about other residual pollutants, which are nevertheless present in tap water, such as hormones, drug residues, heavy metals and pesticides, which are becoming increasingly numerous? In the end, buying a carafe filter is a high price to pay to remove only a few molecules and leave all the others in your water.

IT'S EXPENSIVE: in recommended use, the filtration capacity is on average a few hundred litres per cartridge. But you also use your tap water for cooking, for hot drinks such as coffee or tea... And if you use unfiltered water, you assimilate pollutants in the same way as if you were drinking it. Between drinking water and water used for cooking or hot drinks, that's at least 8 litres a day for a family of 4. Do you fill your jug 4 or 5 times a day? And if you do, after how many days should you change your filters? Calculate how much a jug costs you per year if you change the cartridges at the right time...

IT CAN BE HARMFUL: filter carafes have been called into question by several consumer associations, but also by the French Health Safety Agency, which warns users of possible microbiological contamination. Indeed, it is impossible to use a carafe filter at home in good conditions, among other things, as we have just said, because the filters are never changed in time. Bacteriological contamination is almost systematic. Another disadvantage is that the use of a carafe filter causes a systematic lowering of the pH. And finally, there is a real danger of pollutants being released into the filtered water.

A Berkey® purifier

-- Versatility and power, whatever the conditions! --

-- Drinking water even in emergency situations and wherever you are! --

 -- Lifetime up to 10 years – Less than 1 cent per litre of filtered water

Enjoy clean drinking water at all times,
step up a gear,
choose a BERKEY® system!

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