Why you should not buy a carafe filter but a Berkey® system

Unlike a carafe filter, Berkey® systems are not just water filters, but true water purifiers. They can of course be used to filter tap water to remove residual pollutants such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants and chlorine, but more importantly, they can make otherwise undrinkable water drinkable. Their filtration capacity allows them to remove bacteria, viruses, drug residues and a long list of pollutants from water, details of which can be found on this page.

So, of course, the filter carafe has established itself over the years as an effective and inexpensive filtration system. At least that's what the manufacturers would have you believe... BUT a filter carafe is :

A Berkey® purifier

It is much more efficient than a filter carafeBlack Berkey® filters have a filtration fineness of 22 to 24 nanometers, 1000 times more powerful than the cartridges of a carafe filter! They eliminate viruses, bacteria, chemical pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, hormones, etc. (see analyses). It acts as a purifier, and can make well water, rainwater, etc. drinkable.

Versatility and power, whatever the conditions!

It is totally autonomous: works without electricity and without a water supply and can provide, in 45 minutes on average, from 5.6 litres to more than 22 litres (depending on the model). Fill, filter, drink!

Drinking water even in emergency situations and wherever you are!

It is the most economical and sustainable system: 22,700 litres filtered per pair of Black Berkey® filters, ensuring longevity and the lowest running costs on the market.

Lifetime up to 10 years – Less than 1 cent per litre of filtered water

The world leader in gravity water filtration - For decades, and all over the world, Berkey® has been using its experience and expertise to make water purer, cheaper...

Enjoy clean drinking water at all times, step up a gear, choose a BERKEY® system!

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