As many advantages and no constraints: that's the Berkey® promise!

Berkey® is the world leader in water purification for the home. The filtration capacity of Berkey® systems outperforms competing systems and is also capable of removing viruses and a long list of harmful contaminants.

Berkey® filters are self-contained and can be easily integrated into most kitchens or adjacent living spaces. Because of their design and gravity operation, they do not require electricity or a water supply and can therefore be used in the event of a power failure. Having a Berkey® system is the best way to ensure your family has a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

Your health asset

Berkey® pure water is good for your health

Why are Berkey® water filters the gold standard in gravity water purification? Simple: they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, unhealthy contaminants and impurities to below detectable levels, while allowing most of the essential minerals your body needs.

A gesture for the planet

Berkey® water filters: a gesture for the planet

The hundreds of liters you filter with your Berkey® system are so many plastic bottles that will not need to be recycled in the best case scenario. The best recycling is the one you don't have to do!

Efficient and reliable

Berkey® water filters are reliable and efficient

Berkey® water purifiers can easily purify tap water, yet are powerful enough to effectively purify untreated raw water from sources such as lakes and streams. In emergency natural disasters, when treated water may not be available, your Berkey® system is essential.

Very economical

Berkey® water filters are economical

Berkey® systems are the most economical water purifiers on the market. Long-lasting Black Berkey® Black Berkey® elements (22m3 per pair) allow you to enjoy pure water for LESS THAN A PENNY PER LITER. The filter elements can be used for 7 to 10 years (depending on the daily volume of water treated). Compare that to the cost of bottled water, it's over 60 times cheaper!

Simple, mobile and autonomous

Berkey® water filters are easy to install. They are self-contained water purifiers.

Berkey® systems are easy to install, assemble without tools and operate without electricity. They don't need to be connected to your water system. When you travel or have limited space, the upper and lower chambers of most of our systems snap together for easy transport.

Efficiency tested and proven

Les filtres à eau Berkey® ont été testés en laboratoires et sont numéro 1

Les résultats du laboratoire indépendant auquel Berkey® à confié ses analyses parlent d'eux-mêmes. Découvrez les résultats des tests des éléments de purification Black Berkey®, ils dépassent largement les attentes en matière de purification d'eau.

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