As many advantages and no constraints: that's the Berkey® promise!

Berkey® water purifiers have become the leader in home water purification. They clearly outperform other competitive water filtration methods in their ability to remove viruses and harmful contaminants. Berkey® offers options to fit every family and every budget. And because Berkey® water filters are self-contained, they easily fit into most kitchens or adjacent living spaces.

Since Berkey® water purifiers are gravity-fed, they do not require electricity and can be used in the event of a power outage. Having a Berkey® system is the best way to ensure your family has a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

Your health asset

Berkey® pure water is good for your health

Why are Berkey® water filters the gold standard in gravity water purification? Simple: they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, unhealthy contaminants and impurities to below detectable levels, while allowing most of the essential minerals your body needs.

A gesture for the planet

Berkey® water filters: a gesture for the planet

The hundreds of liters you filter with your Berkey® system are so many plastic bottles that will not need to be recycled in the best case scenario. The best recycling is the one you don't have to do!

Efficient and reliable

Berkey® water filters are reliable and efficient

Berkey® water purifiers can easily purify tap water, yet are powerful enough to effectively purify untreated raw water from sources such as lakes and streams. In emergency natural disasters, when treated water may not be available, your Berkey® system is essential.

Very economical

Berkey® water filters are economical

Berkey® water filters are the most economical water purifiers you can own. Long-lasting Black Berkey® Black Berkey™ elements (22m3 per pair) allow you to enjoy pure water for LESS THAN A PENNY PER LITER. Compare that to the cost of bottled water, it's just over 60 times cheaper !!!!

Simple, mobile and autonomous

Berkey® water filters are easy to install. They are self-contained water purifiers.

Berkey® systems are easy to install, assemble without tools and operate without electricity. They don't need to be connected to your water system. When you travel or have limited space, the upper and lower chambers of most of our systems snap together for easy transport.

Efficiency tested and proven

Berkey® water filters have been laboratory tested and are number 1

Results from the independent lab Berkey® entrusted with testing speak for themselves. Check out the test results for Black Berkey® purification elements, they far exceed expectations for water purification.

Drink and save money!

Count with us, it's logical and mathematical :)

Berkey® water filters at Berkey®Store

22700 liters

This is the filtration capacity of a Black Berkey® filter pair that comes standard with Berkey® water filters. We will take into account in our calculation the cost of 2 filters, i. e. €135.

1.7 euros per m3

This is the average cost of sanitation for 1 m3 of water in Spain, to be included in our comparative calculation.

Price per liter of water filtered with Berkey®

The calculation is simple... Treating 22700 liters costs 22,70 m³ x €2 or €43.50. This means the cost of the sanitation (your water bill) to which we must add the €135 cost of the filters.
Total : €180.40€ for 22,700 liters of filtered water or 0.0079 euro per liter. On average, used daily by 4 people, the 2 filtering elements have a life span of 10 years, which represents a cost of €43.50 per person for 10 years of consumption!

Cheaper water with Berkey® water filters at Berkey®Store

62 cents

This is the average price of a 1.5 liter plastic bottle of water, knowing that some "premium" mineral water bottles sell for up to 3 euros a bottle!

What about your carbon footprint?

You are not directly paying the cost of recycling plastic bottles, that's true! But on the other hand, by not buying plastic bottles, you indirectly participate in reducing the amount of carbon emitted by the consumption of energy and raw materials during the recycling process.

Bottled water prices

For 41.33 cents per liter, over 10 years, which is the average life of a pair of Black Berkey® filters (in our comparative study), the total cost would be €2262 per person compared to €43.50 per person using a Berkey® water filter. The difference is simply incredible!

And the winner is...Berkey® water filters number 1 in water purifiers

Berkey® filters with a cost almost 45 times cheaper than bottled water!!!

Yes, you read that right! One liter of water filtered by a Berkey® system costs only €0.0089
compared to 41.33 cents for bottled water.

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