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choosing a Berkey® filter

Berkey® benefits

(*): a pair of Black Berkey® elements has a filtration capacity of 22700 litres. For a 4 people family consuming 1.5 litres of water per day per person, the life span is 22700/1.5x4/365 or approximately 10 years.
(**): takes into account the cost of elements and the cost of tap water treatment, see details here.
(***): calculated from the cost per litre for a 4 people family of 4 people consuming 1.5 litres of water per day per person.

Still not sure? Check out the performance of Berkey® systems...

Water Filters Lab, an independent American organization, compared the most popular gravity filtration systems on the market, and the results are clear. Berkey® filters are by far the most efficient and powerful.

These tests prove that some equipment, such as carafes, are not only inefficient but also can be dangerous and load the filtered water with aluminium.

Why should you choose a Berkey® system over a filter jug or osmosis system?

✔ The Berkey® system is completely autonomous. In fact it works without electricity, without any plumbing connections. You just have to fill it up, wait a few tens of minutes to drink pure and healthy water.
✔ It's ultra economical, with an unbeatable cost of less than 1 cent per litre of filtered water. One pair of Black Berkey® filters is designed to filter 22,700 litres of water, or almost 10 years if you consider a family of 4 where each person consumes 1.5 litres per day.
✔ The uniquely patented Black Berkey® elements filter the water while preserving the minerals.
✔ Maintaining a Berkey® water filter is easy. Occasional cleaning of the tanks and scrubbing of the filters is all that is needed to effectively filter water for years.
✔ It is effective against hundreds of harmful substances, some still found in tap water. Pesticides, bacteria, viruses, drug residues, heavy metals, etc. It's proven! See the analysis results

✔ It's not just a water filter. Berkey© systems are classified in the family of water purifiers. If an exceptional situation requires it or if you do not have access to drinking water, it can filter water from rain, a well, a spring or any other source. Many survivalists, NGOs and some armies use it to make water safe to drink in emergency situations.
✔ The Berkey® system has proven itself for years with tens of thousands of users worldwide.
✔ In addition to being powerful, simple, autonomous and efficient, it is a uniquely designed object that can fit perfectly into your home.
✔ A jug filter or reverse osmosis system requires frequent replacement of consumables to maintain its efficiency and ultimately costs much more, even though the initial investment may seem less.
✔ A Berkey® system pays for itself in about 4 months. It's a unique device, and you'll wonder how you managed without it until now!

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