Principle of security of payments on

Payment on the Berkey®Store SAS site is totally secure. The entire site, and not only the payment section, is under the HTTPS protocol, verified and certified as indicated by the green padlock on the left of the site address. This protocol, thanks to its SSL encryption, allows to totally secure the data that are exchanged between our servers and your computer. This protocol is coupled with the banking system and ensures that neither the information related to the order nor the credit card number circulate in clear but totally encrypted.

- Furthermore, the credit card number is never printed on paper, invoice, bill or other document.
- Berkey®Store SAS is never aware of the card numbers used.
- The E-Transactions payment module that we use does not keep the card numbers after transmitting the payment transaction to the bank of Berkey®Store SAS.

No one has electronic or readable access to the credit card details of the purchasers.

The risk of pirating one's credit card number when purchasing on a Berkey®Store SAS site is therefore zero.

How to pay on

E-Transactions crédit agricole

E-Transactions is the online solution of Crédit Agricole. With this recognized banking partner, you are guaranteed to make your purchases in complete security.

All E-Transactions payment pages are secured with a SSL 128 bit SHA2 protocol. This module also includes 3D-Secure (or 3DS) protection. This system protects merchants and buyers against fraudulent use of their credit cards by adding a second level of security when finalizing a payment. It allows to authenticate with certainty the cardholder.

After entering the bank details, you will have to confirm that you are the cardholder of the card used for the payment thanks to a code sent by SMS to your phone.

This 3D-Secure procedure is an additional and essential security against the risks of fraud by adding this second level of authentication impossible to bypass.

logo paypal

You have the possibility to pay with a PAYPAL account. You can also create a Paypal account if you wish during the procedure. The payment in 4 times without expenses is proposed only to the holders of a Paypal account in France.

Details of the different stages of payment security on

For each payment transaction, the buyer switches from the Berkey®Store SAS servers to the E-Transactions or Paypal payment servers, themselves connected to the banking world.

- The buyer arrives on a SSL encrypted payment page.
- Enter the card number, the expiry date, the visual cryptogram and an authorization request is made. A link between the buyer and the E-Transactions server is established in HTTPS, a secure protocol with SSL, which encrypts all information exchanged. This protection prevents the credit card number from being intercepted by a third party during its transfer to the E-Transactions secure server. The E-Transactions homepage then informs the buyer about the transaction with Berkey®Store SAS.
- The card number transmitted allows the buyer to pass a first level of control (validity of the card, oppositions, etc.), then the server issues an authorization request to Berkey®Store SAS' bank. This transaction is carried out using standardized banking protocols on a specialized and secure telecommunication network.
- The bank's authorization center then returns an authorization number or a denial. If the payment is accepted, E-Transactions sends a payment ticket by e-mail to the buyer and to Berkey®Store SAS.
- The buyer is then redirected to the Berkey®Store SAS website where he/she can continue browsing.