Step 1 - Choose the system capacity

To the size of your needs

Berkey® water purifiers are available in seven different sizes. The system you choose should take into account your space size, the number of people in your home and how you will use the pure water (for drinking only or also for cooking, hygiene, pets, etc.).

How to calculate the necessary capacity?

For typical daily use, multiply the number of people in your household by 1.9 liters. In an emergency situation, this capacity should be doubled for the same number of people, either by choosing a larger capacity system or by refilling your Berkey® filter more often. You will then have determined the minimum recommended amount of water you can use each day.

For example, for a household of 4 people: 4 x 1.9 liters = 7.6 liters, plus the amount of water used for cooking, coffee making, etc. The minimum choice would therefore be the Big Berkey® model with a capacity of 8.5 liters.

Detail by model, size, storage capacity and filtration per hour

- All models (except Go Berkey®) are delivered with 2 Black Berkey® filters -

  • vide

    Nb people




    Empty weight

    Nb of filters

    Filtered flow / h

  • Go Berkey® Water Filter


    Go Berkey® kit

    H 35cm x Ø 10cm


    1,8 kg


    3,8 L/h

  • Light Berkey® water filter


    Berkey® Light

    H 67cm x Ø 23cm


    2,7 kg


    15,2/26,5 L/h

  • Travel Berkey® Water Filter


    Travel Berkey®

    H 45cm x Ø 19cm


    3,1 kg


    10,4 L/h

  • Big Berkey® water filter


    Big Berkey®

    H 48cm x Ø 21cm


    3,6 kg


    13,3/26,5 L/h

  • Royal Berkey® water filter


    Royal Berkey®

    H 58cm x Ø 24cm


    4,5 kg


    15,1/26,5 L/h

  • Imperial Berkey® water filter


    Imperial Berkey®

    H 65cm x Ø 25cm


    5,8 kg


    20,8/41,6/62,5 L/h

  • Crown Berkey® water filter


    Crown Berkey®

    H 75cm x Ø 27,5cm


    6,8 kg


    24,6/49,2/73,8/98,4 L/h

Black Berkey® filters supplied as standard.
Slots for optional Black Berkey® filters.
Note : PF-2 filters do not require additional slots, they fit on the Black Berkey® filters.

Step 2 - Choose the number of filters

Berkey® systems come standard with 2 Black Berkey® purification elements (with the exception of the Go Berkey® kit which includes a single filter). Each additional set of 2 filters decreases filtration time and increases the filter element life.

See the chart below to see the configuration options for each system. Please note that you can order Black Berkey® purification elements at any time. We recommend that you always have a backup set in case of emergency.

Kit Go Berkey® Go berkey® waterfilter 1 filter
Berkey® Light® Berkey® light waterfilter 2 filters Berkey® light waterfilter 2 filters
Travel Berkey® Travel Berkey® waterfilter 2 filters
Big Berkey® Big Berkey® waterfilter 2 filters Big Berkey® waterfilter 4 filters
Royal Berkey® Royal Berkey® waterfilter 2 filters Royal Berkey® waterfilter 4 filters
Imperial Berkey® Imperial Berkey® 2 filters Imperial Berkey® 4 filters Imperial Berkey® 6 filters
Crown Berkey® Crown Berkey® 2 filters Crown Berkey® 4 filters Crown Berkey® 6 filters Crown Berkey® 8 filters

represents the location of a Black Berkey® filter
represents the space for an additional Black Berkey® filter
Note : PF-2 filters do not require additional slots, they fit on the Black Berkey® filters.

Step 3 - Equip and improve your system

Accessories for Berkey® water purifiers

A range of accessories is available to improve the usage comfort of your Berkey® water filter: install additional filters, change your standard faucet, opt for a level faucet, install a metal base that will allow you to raise your Berkey® if the location envisaged does not allow for optimal usage comfort, and many other options to discover in our accessories department.

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