The truth, nothing but the truth!

Analysis and tests have been conducted by independent laboratories to ensure that Berkey® water filters are truly effective on all the pollutants they are designed to control. Here are the results that prove the real capacity of Black Berkey® filters to purify the water you drink and it is rather reassuring.
This is the ultimate in filtration! If you are not convinced after that...

  • Viruses and bacteria: reduction beyond 99.999%
  • Guardia: reduction beyond 99.99%
  • Cryptosporidiosis: reduction beyond 99.996%
  • Radioactive contaminants (plutonium, uranium, polonium...): reduction beyond 99%
  • Heavy metals (Aluminum, Mercury, Nickel...) : reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Pesticides (Diphenamid, Bromacil, Fluoridone...): reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Semi-volatile contaminants (Cycloate, Hexazinone, Propazine...): reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Pharmaceutical contaminants (Bisphenol A, Caffeine, Ibuprofen...): reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Disinfectants (Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride...): reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Petroleum contaminants (Diesel, Kerosene, refined oil...) : reduction beyond 99.9%
  • Microorganisms (e. Coli, fecal coliform...) : reduction beyond 99.9%

If you want to know more about this non-exhaustive list, Berkey® has nothing to hide, and suggests that you browse through its various analysis reports.