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For what purpose?

Many people choose a water filter to improve the taste of their tap water. After all, neither the smell nor the taste of chlorine is pleasant. But most of the time, the smell of chlorine is only the tip of the iceberg... Much more discreet, pollution with heavy metals, drug residues, pesticides, microplastics and other molecules is nevertheless very real. Wastewater treatment plants are unable to deal with it and official analyses are often very imprecise on this pollution.

Others are looking for an autonomous filter capable of filtering water from boreholes, wells, rain and rivers in order to have an autonomous supply of drinking water.

Still others want nomadic use in order to filter the water they have access to wherever they are when they are on the move.

Another important motivation for purchasing a water filter is to stop buying plastic bottles, which are expensive, polluting and whose water is not free of pollutants either.

And everyone wants a practical, efficient, sustainable and economical system.

Among the main choices available

The filter carafe: This may seem like an economical and easy-to-use purchase. But did you know that most of these carafes only remove chlorine, and sometimes some heavy metals, but let most other pollutants through? The cartridges have little autonomy and their replacement is ultimately expensive, for a very limited efficiency. If you calculate the price of a litre of filtered water in relation to your needs, you will realise that it is very expensive for a very limited or even zero efficiency. There are other disadvantages to its use. Further information can be found on this page.

Filters on tap: the filter cartridge, instead of being in a carafe, is on the tap. This is unsightly, often inconvenient, sometimes annoying for daily use and of very limited effectiveness, just like filtering carafes, for a significant price if you consider the change of cartridges that must be carried out regularly. It requires the pressure of the network to function: if there is no more water at the tap, there is no more filtration. Under-sink filters work in much the same way.

Osmosis or reverse osmosis systems: in fact, their efficiency in filtering pollutants is excellent. But one of the negative sides is that the filtration membrane removes absolutely everything, leaving only "dead" water. But this is not the only flaw. These systems require an electrical supply, operate on mains pressure and, because of their design, discharge a large proportion of the incoming water (up to 80% for some models) into the sewer, leaving only a small proportion of the incoming water. Finally, cartridges are expensive and require some maintenance. Conclusion: this solution is neither ecological nor economical and above all not autonomous.

The "water machines": many manufacturers offer systems resembling a sort of box connected to the mains which, through various processes (osmosis, UV, etc.) transform tap water into filtered water. These systems are costly and dependent on the water network and power supply. As a result, they are neither economical nor environmentally friendly and obviously not self-sufficient.

Gravity filters: Self-contained, by definition, they filter water without the use of energy or pressure, using gravity to 'push' the water through filters. You fill it up, it filters and you have access to pure, healthy filtered water, whatever the nature of the water, and in any situationuelle que soit la nature de l'eau, et dans toutes les situations.

Can we prove it to you?

Powerful: capable of removing a very large number of pollutants, it is the most efficient filter we know of. From chemical molecules to heavy metals, viruses or bacteria, you can consult  the page of analyses carried out by an independent laboratory on hundreds of pollutants to see the extent of its outstanding performance.

More evidence? Water Filters Lab, an independent American organization, compared the most popular gravity filtration systems on the market, and the results are clear. Berkey® filters are by far the best performing. You can find the results of these tests on this page and on this one.

This performance allows it to be more than a simple water filter, but a real PURIFIER, capable of making water from various sources, such as a borehole, a well, rainwater recovery, etc.

Sustainable and economical: A pair of Black Berkey® filters is designed to filter up to 22,700 litres of water! This means that they have a lifespan of between 3 and 10 years depending on the model used and the volume of water filtered daily. That's less than 1 cent per litre filtered, far less than all other systems, including filter carafes. The investment is higher initially, but in the end it is much cheaper and pays for itself very quickly.

Modular and adaptable to all situations: For use on the move, for example when hiking with the filtering bottle Sport Berkey®, when camping or touring with the Go Berkey® or Travel Berkey®, for the home with the Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey®, Impérial Berkey® or Crown Berkey®, you will always find the right model. Berkey® even gets into your shower, to provide you with clean and soft water with the shower filters.

If you wish to personalise your system, you can equip it with a stainless steel tap, a Berkey Sight Glass™ spigot, an stainless Berkey® base to simplify its use, additional filters to speed up filtration, specific filters, to treat fluorine, arsenic, etc.

From 5.6 to 22.7 litres, it adapts to all situations. From a single couple to a large family, from a company to an NGO, for filtering tap water or water from a non-drinking source, at home or on the road, in a normal situation or in an emergency, you won't find a more efficient, autonomous and versatile water filtration system! Check out our buying guide to help you narrow down your needs.

Easy to us: filling the upper tank, filtration (45 minutes on average for an 8.5 litre tank) and you are ready to enjoy pure, healthy filtered water! Principle of use and further information on this page.

Why buy your Berkey® filter at Berkey® Store?

Because we have been certified BERKEY® dealers for several years, our adventure having started in France (about us), we charge the lowest prices authorised by the manufacturer, we offer delivery throughout Europe, we carry out all after-sales service ourselves, we can be contacted 7/24 and we offer numerous means of payment (bank card, bank transfer, Paypal, Paypal in 4 instalments free of charge depending on the country...). So many good reasons to trust Berkey® Store.

Would you like more information or help in choosing the right model? Contact us, we will be happy to help you make your choice.

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