Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to Article L221-18 of the Consumer Code, the purchaser shall have a period of fourteen working days from the date of delivery of the order to exercise his/her right of withdrawal and thus return the product to Berkey®Store SAS for exchange or reimbursement. The buyer is obliged to return the package at his own expense. The buyer is responsible for the return of the package.
After verification by our services upon return, a refund will be made, minus the management costs of the return amounting to :

- the amount of the delivery costs at the time of the order
- 15 euros if the delivery costs were offered.

The return shall be made in the original packaging, with identical care and protection, without excessive delay, in accordance with Article L223-23, within a maximum period of 14 days following the agreement of the return by Berkey®Store SAS.

Special case: for a parcel in transit, a request for retraction with refusal of the parcel will give rise to additional costs for the return of the parcel normally payable by the customer, equivalent to the price of the initial delivery, with a minimum of 10 euros.

The seller declines all responsibility for the correct routing of the return of the parcel, which means that any parcel lost by the carrier during the return cannot be deemed to be the responsibility of the seller. We strongly recommend that you insure the parcel for the value of the order.

ATTENTION, following the recrudescence of counterfeit Black Berkey® filters sold by means of false retailers or marketplaces, the following rules have been put in place, in agreement with the manufacturer:
- No retraction will be accepted if it concerns a box of filters purchased alone.
- In the case of a withdrawal concerning a complete system, the return will be refused if the Black Berkey® filter box has been opened (tape cut or torn off).
Any attempt to defraud the return process will be prosecuted.
Thank you for your understanding.

Your request shall be made in writing by e-mail to mail Berkey®Store indicating your Name, First Name, order number and date, and explicitly stating to Berkey®Store SAS your right of withdrawal, for example using the following model:

«Madam, Sir,
On (date), I placed an order with you by (telephone, mail, Internet) and I took delivery on (date).
In accordance with article L. 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, I would like to inform you that I wish to exercise my right of withdrawal concerning this order and I will return it to you or drop it off at the parcel post of (...) (specify) within the next fourteen days.
(If you have paid a deposit or the totality of the order) I would like to ask you to reimburse me the sum of (...) euros that I have paid by (credit card, etc.).
Thank you very much.

Berkey®Store SAS specifies that by virtue of article L221.28, this right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on goods which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection. Please note that products in this category that have been unsealed and/or used will not be eligible for a refund.

Product exchange

We do not exchange products. If you have made a mistake in your order or simply do not wish to use a product you have received, you may request the return of the product within 14 days of receiving your order, under the same conditions as the right of withdrawal.

Partial returns

In the event of a partial return of an order, no handling fee will be charged if the returned product does not represent the main part of the order.

Damaged product

Upon receipt of the order, it is the responsibility of each customer to inspect the contents to ensure product compliance. If a product is damaged (a scratched or dented chamber, broken filter, damaged faucet...), you must contact the customer service within 48 hours to be able to benefit from the possibility of replacing the item, in accordance with the guarantee.

Package damaged by the carrier

The buyer is obliged to verify in the presence of the carrier, the packaging condition of the goods and its contents upon delivery.

WARNING: without having unpacked the package in front of the carrier, the mention "under reserves of unpacking" has no legal value. Therefore, no dispute can be taken in charge after the departure of the carrier.

- If the package is delivered damaged, the buyer must open it in front of the carrier to note the damage of the products, and also make reservations by noting the damage on the delivery note before signing.

- If all the contents are damaged, the buyer must refuse the package by mentioning on the delivery note the nature of each damage noted.

- If there is only one damaged accessory, it must be mentioned on the delivery note. The buyer must photograph the damage and contact our customer service immediately.

- If a product is missing due to the opening of the package before delivery, the buyer must mention the missing elements on the delivery note before signing.

- The parcel must be refused only if its condition is totally degraded.

- Any abusive refusal (without control of the contents in front of the carrier or merchant) will lead to a deduction of the outward and return costs of your parcel (5€ for each journey). This amount will be deducted in case of refund of the order, or charged in case of return of the order.

Subject to unpacking, inspection
Missing X pieces Open package + X pieces missing
Damaged goods, seen after unpacking Damaged parcel + damaged or sunken tank...(specify the nature of the damage)
Open, smashed or crushed package Ref or name of the damaged, crushed or broken part (always detail the damage)
Defective packaging / damaged carton Reconditioned package + X parts missing, Ref or name of the part damaged, crushed, broken (always detail the damage)
Damaged parcels Damaged parcel + indicate the damaged part
Impact marks Traces of impact + check imperatively and make a reserve on the damaged part or reference
Open parcels Open package + specify missing parts

Incomplete Package or Product Error

For incorrect or incomplete orders, please contact Berkey®Store SAS within 48 hours of receipt to advise of parts not received or received in error. Items sent in error should be returned to Berkey®Store SAS, using the return label sent via email. Berkey®Store SAS will proceed to send the missing products as soon as possible.

Guarantee request

Product shipments following a warranty agreement are free of charge. Berkey®Store SAS is an authorized Berkey® center, so the purchaser will never have to file a warranty claim with the U.S. Berkey® manufacturer.

For any defective product requiring repair or replacement under our limited warranty (including Black Berkey® purification components covered by a two-year proportional limited warranty), please contact Berkey®Store SAS by email at mail Berkey®Store

For warranty details on our products, please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Some of the problems you encounter may be the result of incorrect installation. Therefore, before any conclusion, it is necessary to discuss with our after-sales service in order to detail as precisely as possible the disorders observed, so that we can determine the best procedure to implement.

Order cancellation

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your order before it has left the Berkey®Store SAS premises, simply send us an email to mail Berkey®Store to notify us of your wish for a refund. We will issue an immediate refund for your order.